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11. Money-Babies?

11. Money-Babies? published on

So obviously I didn’t keep up with my upload schedule… I’m a COUPLE days behind, sue me (please don’t, I don’t get extra credit for that kind of stuff).

SO… I am going to just upload whenever I am able to get a comic done. I do really love this story, and want to share it, I just wish I had more time to devote to it. That could be once a week, or like, never. Sorry. Making a comic seems like a fun project in the beginning, but once you start you realize that it is a five-person job. Plot, character design, sketching, lining, coloring, backgrounds, shading, lettering, and publishing are, not surprisingly, a lot of work. I literally had to merchandise this scene, which is something that takes hours, even in real life. I might upload some uncolored ones in the future, in order to get the story moving along, but we’ll see!

Anyway, see you later! (maybe)

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